Writing a Successful Novel Just Got a Whole Lot Easier!

If you are a Christian and new to writing fiction for kids/teens/YAs, you are in exactly the right place.

Join the Writers for a Reason Unite Membership for immediate access to training, encouragement, advice and support, so you can finish your stories successfully... leaving the drama behind!

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“It is lovely to meet with other people full of ideas and sharing similar frustrations.” – Diana

This membership is for you if:

  • You get frustrated with your writing
  • You suffer with doubts and overwhelm
  • You procrastinate
  • You would like to get your novel finished faster (or just get it finished!)
  • You could use some training and encouragement
  • You would love to belong to a group of like-minded Christian writers
  • You would appreciate feedback on your novel
  • You have questions you'd like to ask a publisher
  • You want your stories to reach young people with the good news of Jesus
  • You want to honour God with the gift he has given you.
Introducing Writers for a Reason UNITE

This membership group is packed with practical training, resources, encouragement and fun writing exercises to stretch your writing ability and help you write successful, engaging novels and get them into your readers' hands.

PLUS  the 
COMMUNITY SUPPORT you need to make sure your novels reach their full potential!

"I've loved it! It's been really valuable to me to have someone to bounce ideas off.
And I really need the accountability and encouragement!"  -  Angela

Janet Wilson, Publisher of Christian Fiction for Young People

Hi! I'm Janet Wilson; I run Writers for a Reason Unite. I’m a mum, grandma and founder of Dernier Publishing (we publish Christian books for kids/teens/YAs).

In my role as a publisher, I have learnt a few things about great novels. I would love to help you make your stories the very best they can be.

I set up Writers for a Reason Unite with Christian authors in mind, but whether you are writing overtly Christian novels or not, you will find plenty to help you in your own writing journey.

When you sign up for Writers for a Reason Unite membership, you will gain IMMEDIATE access to encouraging teaching, and interesting writing exercises, to help you make the most of your novel. You will also be assigned to a writing buddy group, where you will meet enthusiastic fellow writers.

My mission? To unite you with other writers, help you write fabulous stories... and get them into your readers' hands.

What Do You Get as a Member?

1. Writing Buddy Groups

Our writing buddy groups are awesome: no more struggling on alone! Your writing buddies will help you every step of the way, so you can leave overwhelm and doubts behind.

When you become a member, you are assigned to a small group of up to five people. The buddy groups meet via Zoom twice a month.

In your small group, everyone has equal turn in the 'hot seat' - to share a struggle, ask for advice, or read a piece of their work for feedback. It's exciting to see everyone's novels moving forwards, week by week!

Encouragement, accountability, fellowship and fun is the name of the game. :-)

2. Q&A Sessions

Once a month we have a Q&A session. Janet aims to answer all your questions - or at least, as many of them as possible! So if you want to know about lengths of novels for the different age groups, advice on naming your characters, or anything else, Janet is there for you.

Where else can you have access to a publisher for advice? (Plus, Janet is a best selling writer in her own right, so she understands your struggles.)

3. Teaching, Inspiration and Encouragement

You have permanent access to inspiring teaching on the Write for a Reason website, exclusively for Writers for a Reason. Every month you will be treated to new inspiration!

4. Writing Assignments

Every month you will be set a practical, thought-provoking assignment, should you choose to accept it... Each of these is designed to help you with your current work in progress.

5. Private Facebook Group

As a Unite member, you will have exclusive access to our private Facebook group, where you can  share all your writing joys and sorrows with people who know exactly where you are coming from. :-)

Write for a Reason Unite Membership

Would any of these be useful?

  • Fellowship with other writers
  • Twice monthly Zoom writing buddy groups
  • Membership in a private Facebook group
  • Teaching and writing assignments
  • Q&A sessions, bonuses, examples and extras
  • Heaps of inspiration and encouragement to get your story DONE!
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